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Birthdays & House Shows

Decided to do a video update this time!

If you don’t like watching videos, here’s the gist:

I’ve been learning to play my songs on classical guitar lately, with the intention of hosting a house show on January 27. It’ll be a very small crowd, but let me know if you want an invitation!

The Soft Punch LP is still getting airplay on college radio. It recently hit #133 on the NACC chart, which is pretty fun.

If you use Apple Music, I recently updated my profile and album art so that they’re animated/video-based. It’s kinda neat?

Today is Bandcamp Friday, which means if you buy my album, all proceeds go to the artist (Bandcamp doesn’t take a cut). So, if you haven’t yet, pick up a copy of the vinyl. Heck, if you already have a copy, get another one–vinyl makes a great holiday gift!

My 40th birthday is coming up, which is weird. I didn’t expect to still be sick/homebound at 40. Mixed feelings about that…

I’m working with an integrative doctor, and I’ve been going through a special multi-step protocol with him for a while. We’re finally about to start the last step, which is allegedly going to restore a bunch of my health. I’m fairly skeptical about it, but I’ll be very happy if it has any positive effects!

Like everyone else, I’m pretty overwhelmed by what’s going on in Gaza. I’ve been meditating more frequently lately, which helps me process heavy emotions. If you’re looking for something meditative to listen to, the new André 3000 album might be for you. If you’re looking for something less meditative to listen to, the new Björk single featuring Rosalía might be for you. In the music video, they have a sword fight.

Kissinger finally died, which cheered me up a bit.

It’s a wild world out there, so take care of yourself!


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