Ryan Little is a musician and writer based in Washington, DC. He acquired ME/CFS in 2013, and he’s been homebound since December of 2017. For the past few years, he’s maintained a Patreon⁠—integrated into this blog⁠—to share music, talk about health & social issues, and collaborate with other artists.

As a journalist, he’s written for outlets like Rolling Stone and The Washington Post. As a musician, he has toured through much of the country and opened for artists like Cat Power, Vampire Weekend, and The Dismemberment Plan. Ryan has also recorded and mixed music by bands like Laughing Man, Lobo Marino, and Hemlines.

In 2011, he founded Bad Friend Records, which has released music by Travis Morrison, Photo Ops, Drunken Sufis, Curt Oren, and many others. He previously worked at the Future of Music Coalition, and he has lobbied Congress for fair royalties alongside T.Bone Burnett & Roseanne Cash.

Ryan currently lives with his boyfriend Brendan in a lovely NE neighborhood near the arboretum. Say hello via email or twitter.