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Downbeats & Drum Machines

On the couch with my TR-6S drum machine.

I wish I had some exciting updates to share–or better yet, a proper interview post–but I’m just letting you know that I’m still in pretty rough shape. My brain just can’t seem to handle transcribing interviews or finishing new demos at the moment. Still waiting for some new meds to hopefully kick in and save the day, but that could take another month or two (assuming it happens at all).

Playing guitar has been a bit of a struggle lately, so I’ve been spending daily time with a drum machine. I never really considered “practicing drum machine” before, but when I learn my music-making gear more deeply, it gets easier to quickly bring what’s in my head into the world. So it’s worthwhile.

I’ve been kicking around some older song ideas too, which may or may not turn into sounds I can share soon. I certainly haven’t stopped music-ing altogether, but I’m not doing nearly as much of it as I’d like.

As for other people’s tunes, the new St. Vincent album is pretty fun, and I still can’t get this Chappell Roan song out of my head. Oh, and if you dig creepy mysteries, the latest season of True Detective (on Max) is pretty wonderful.

Hope to have more interesting things to say soon…


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