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Thought you all might enjoy having all the music that I’ve officially released over the years in one place.
I threw together this fun little site so that it’s all right there. Boom!

I think Exeunt #1 is a sort of hidden gem that I would like to remaster and re-release eventually. It has an unusual story behind it:

One night, I dreamt I was playing an epic noise rock set with Brendan and my friend Jamie Green. It was just this endless jam with a super basic chord progression. I woke up, hummed the chords into my phone, and immediately texted Jamie about it. He agreed to come over and basically reenact my dream. We did one brief rehearsal take and then just hit record and went at it. It came out sounding basically like the dream. I still think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever recorded–a long group improvisation that ebbs and flows in a really pleasing fashion. It gets real wild.

The one item missing from the discog is Tereu Tereu’s first EP. If you happen to have a copy of that 3-song EP and could send me the WAV files, that would be incredible! I can’t find it anywhere, and it didn’t quite survive the transition from CDs to digital.

UPDATE: The delightful Jay Underwood (of The Light Footwork) found and supplied me with the files from that quirky Tereu Tereu debut. Official discography complete!

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