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Well, this was a surprise–
Someone nominated me for a Wammie!

That’s a “Washington Area Music Award,” in case you were (understandably!) unaware. DC has its own little music awards show every year, and this year, someone nominated Astering for Best Pop Song. I’m not sure if it quite belongs in that category, but I’ll take it!

Wammie nominations are still open to public voting until January 31st. If you live in DC, Virginia, or Maryland, and it feels right, you can put my name on a digital ballot HERE.

The seven artists/albums/songs with the most public votes in each category become finalists. The finalists get evaluated by 50-100 judges from the area who then determine the winners. The winners get trophies!

Truthfully, contests involving art are a bit silly. It’s not like a marathon, where one person finishes before everyone else. One artist is not necessarily “better” than another. But I’m not ungrateful!! It’s nice to be acknowledged by your hometown. I’m not stressing about it, but I’ll be happy to take the accolades, if they arrive.

Having said all that, if the spirit moves you to vote, remember to head HERE before January 31 to voice your choice. Maybe toss a vote toward Beauty Pill and Karen Jonas (in their respective categories, Electronic and Country) while you’re there.

Thanks for sharing these strange but fun moments with me!


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